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Discover popular games like the Viking legend of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for some action-packed role play and adventure. Or maybe you love to imagine what the future holds then Cyberpunk 2077 gives you a great opportunity to experience some radical missions set in the megalopolis of Night City where body modification, power and the race for immortality takes you on an open-world action-adventure story that will have you gripped for hours. And for the sports fanatics, FIFA 22 and NBA 2K21 will help you take control of your favourite teams and go head-to head with friends and players from all over the world.
Best co-op multiplayer game –It Takes Two: £32.99,

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What if Hades looked more like Death Stranding, gave you space guns and was much more sadistic? That’s Returnal, a staggeringly beautiful and hilariously difficult roguelike that will have you coining new swear words thanks to its exceptionally long runs: if you get it wrong, and you will get it wrong a lot, you’ll have to retrace an awful lot of steps. The gunplay is wonderful, the environments are eye-popping and the enemies are fearsome; Returnal is beautiful and heart-pounding and really, really, really hard. 
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Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 was essentially another by-the-numbers open-world game where you’re asked to clear up a map filled with icons and repetitive activities. In most games, that would be a bad thing, but it’s hard to care about doing the same thing over and over when the simple act of moving around feels this good. Insomniac nailed the web-swinging in Spider-Man, and Miles Morales is more of that. This time we’re taking control of Miles and he learns the ropes (webs?) as New York’s new Spider-Man while Peter Parker is out of town. The characterization here is perfect. Even the way he swings is less refined, rawer than Parker. It’s like barely controlled grace. 
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A fairly pedestrian take on the open-world genre
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PlayStation gamers may get a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus for 50% off right now. They can do so by going to the PlayStation Store on their console or using their browser on a PC or Mac to do so. The monthly subscription service gives gamers access to online multiplayer games as well as a few fun free games. It also comes with a slew of extra benefits for PlayStation users. PS5 and PS4 owners will appreciate the subscription plan. Sony occasionally gives PS Plus bargains, and the new deal appears to be a decent one. The bargain, though, will only be available for a limited time, so it’s best to get your PS Plus yearly subscription as soon as possible.
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A lot of YouTube channels (gaming and tech channels) and websites run giveaways on a regular basis.
If you’ve been a PlayStation fan since the early days, then we can’t recommend Astro’s Playroom enough. It’s an explosively fun (and free) platformer that charts a course through PlayStation history while celebrating the new console’s best features.
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Between its stunning graphical capabilities, unique 3D audio technology and innovative DualSense controller, it’s no wonder the PlayStation 5 is flying off shelves. However, it’s the games that count. The PS5 continues Sony’s ability to deliver captivating first-party exclusives, which are complemented by some great third-party releases for a well-rounded library of games.
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Inspired by classic franchises like The Legend of Zelda, the Ember-Lab-developed Kena: Bridge of Spirits does well in paying homage. Players explore a lush world featuring some slick fast-paced combat that has to be seen to be truly appreciated. Helping players on their journey are collectable companions called the Rot. The Rot are not only cute as a button but can be utilized in traversal and combat as well.
While overshadowed by its spiritual predecessor, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross is still recognized as one of the greatest JRPGs of the ’90s. Released in 1999, the game was a PS1 exclusive, so this remaster should introduce plenty of people to this beloved classic.
From side-on, Street Fighter-esque fighting sequences to top-down dungeon-crawling sections, it’s a game that defies genre conventions. There’s a mind-boggling amount of variety, even outside of the dozens of competitive minigames – from a playable chessboard to whack-a-mole – hidden away in its levels. And you don’t even need two copies to play it with a friend. As long as one of you buys it, you can download a friend pass and play away. 
If you cancel your PS Plus subscription, then you’ll lose access to any games you’ve downloaded through PS Plus.
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Tracks are also packed with more detail than ever before, and lighting has gotten a massive upgrade over earlier Gran Turismo games. Gran Turismo 7 has densely detailed environments and a robust volumetric lighting solution that makes the different tracks feel like real-life locations with personality.
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Considering what it can offer, a PS Gift Card might be one of the most sought-after items by players of the console. Therefore, getting it for yourself or giving it to your fellow PlayStation gamers can be a great idea.
There is actually way to play PlayStation 3 games on the PlayStation 4—kind of. It’s through Sony’s PlayStation Now service, which requires a separate monthly fee. This service actually plays the games on Sony’s servers and “streams” them to you. It gives you access to a separate library of games.
If you don’t redeem the game while it’s free for a month, you don’t get it for free. This means you won’t get any of the previously free games when you subscribe to PlayStation Plus. It also means that, if you don’t download your free games every month, you’ll miss some and won’t get them for free. However, gamers who have been members of PS Plus for a long time may have a library full of hundreds of games they acquired for free.
Sony Group Corp.’s PlayStation division is planning a new subscription service to compete with rival Microsoft Corp.’s popular Xbox Game Pass, according to people familiar with Sony’s plans and documents reviewed by Bloomberg.
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If you’re up for a real challenge, Demon’s Souls is our favorite overall PS5 game right now. This game reimagines the iconic 2009 brutal action RPG from the ground up, with a gorgeous new visual style, a high framerate mode and some welcome quality of life changes, while preserving the uniquely challenging-yet-satisfying loop that made the original so special.
Coming from the creator of Titanfall, there’s plenty more about this shooter to shout about. In that light, slick shooting and movement is to be expected but Respawn has continued to build upon that foundation with frequent events, new maps, and an ever-expanding, diverse cast of characters.
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Sony is offering a PlayStation Plus membership at a massive 50 percent discount in India. The discount is part of a limited-time offer and will be live until December 19. A PlayStation Plus membership gives you access to games, exclusive discounts, and online multiplayer on your console.
It’s also worth mentioning Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart can be played in Quality mode with 120hz enabled to render quality mode at 40fps instead of its normal 30fps. No reduction in visual fidelity and that mode has to be witnessed firsthand to be truly appreciated; it looks glorious.
Nintendo Switch OLED Review: A Must-Have for Gamers on the Go
Turn on your PlayStation 3. You can do this by pressing the console’s “On” switch or by pressing a connected controller’s PS button. discount codes
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Conveniently navigate entertainment on your PlayStation®5 console with an intuitive layout featuring media and TV controls.
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Best PS5 games Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi?’s round-up the best P55 games you can buy in 2022.
The staple modes of a team sports title are all here, but MyCareer is where most should spend their time. In NBA 2K21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, MyCareer’s hub world of pickup basketball, socializing, and even shoe shopping gets a robust expansion into ‘The City.’ Players are now transported to a larger environment where their co-operative competitive play supports one of the four factions they join, somewhat like an MMO. Don’t worry, there’s still a ton of basketball to be played here, whether that’s with others or as you practice for and play the next game on your single-player career schedule.
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Rockstar Games Redemption, Offers Free Game to All GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition PC Owners
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