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The app for InkyPen is free to download, but you’ll need a subscription to their service to access the content inside. There are even parental control functions in the app to make sure your kids aren’t getting into comics with ratings you disapprove of!

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Play three classic 16-bit era games on your Switch with Disney Classic Games Collection: The Jungle Book, Aladdin, & The Lion King. These are three classic 2D platforming games from the days of the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive. What could  be a more cozy Switch game than a trip down memory lane?
The sequel to the 2017 Game of the Year winner has been shrouded in mystery since its initial announcement. Nintendo still has not decided on an official title yet, but thanks to the 2019 E3 trailer, we know that it picks up right after the prequel and follows a darker theme. The music is eerie and plays backwards, while we see a mummified corpse emanating black magic that looks identical to the infectious blight, Malice.
And there you have it, you now have a group of games:
It’s a genuine, proper masterpiece. An investigation story, essentially — you arrive on the Obra Dinn, a ship where almost all the crewmates have died. Via flashbacks you try to piece together the story of what happened. It’s strange, innovative and completely unforgettable.
If you subscribe for a year, you’ll get in-game items for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Kirby Clash.
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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a tactical role-playing game by way of Dawson’s Creek, as much a challenging game of chess as a matchmaking service for a camp of teenaged anime screw-ups. As much as Three Houses hews to Fire Emblem traditions (spear-sword-axe, anyone?) and plays tropes of Japanese role-playing games straight, it also takes necessary departures in its plot and mechanics. By the end of the game you’ll want to play it again immediately—not just to replay the puzzling tactical battles, but to see the narrative and characters from a new perspective. There are multiple outcomes, each of which ends up at a completely different place. Completionists, eat your heart out.
You earn PTS by completing quests, watching videos, creating content and lots of other stuff.
Nintendo eShop codes are typically available for purchase on popular retail outlets and online portals such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Game Shop.
Super Kirby Clash is an expanded version of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, a free-to-play fighting game on the Nintendo 3DS. In a radical change to the Kirby formula, Super Kirby Clash is focused entirely on boss battles. You can choose your hero Kirby, team up with up to three other friends, and take down a long list of bosses. Nintendo makes no bones about it, however, labeling Super Kirby Clash as a “free-to-start” game. Unlike Tetris 99, you’ll need to eventually pour some money into Super Kirby Clash if you want to get everything out of it. That said, if you’re looking for a quick time killer, Super Kirby Clash is a great option.
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If you’re interested in both Super Mario Party and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you can pick up an exclusive double-pack from Target and save. Otherwise, you can pick up this Switch title from Amazon!
@Ralizah I agree with you on Valkyria Chronicles 4. Also, Hollow Knight ended up being pretty good after everything was finished.
Rediscover the Sinnoh region all over again in a new art style on your Nintendo Switch!
Rumor: Resident Evil Village Could Be Coming to Xbox Game Pass
Can be redeemed on Nintendo. Check Activation Guide.
Horizon Chase Turbo is a fun game indeed, but at number four? Wow – curve ball city.
You know when you’re playing a video game, and you’re like, “Man, this story is really interesting and well written… for a video game”?
Rebecca Spear is the Games Editor for iMore. She loves playing Nintendo Switch games and is a Zelda nut through and through. On any given day you’ll find her drawing, playing video games, or reading a good book. Follow her on Twitter @rrspear.
Nintendo Switch price in India starts from ₹ 27,209. The lowest price of Nintendo Switch is ₹ 27,209 at Amazon on 29th March 2022.
Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed price at the time of publication.
An online and local party game of teamwork and betrayal for 4-10 players…in space!
If you’re looking for a strategy epic with the scope of Game of Thrones (but with more tea parties), Fire Emblem: Three Houses succeeds mightily.
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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is just so goddamn stupid. I can’t believe it even exists.
Dauntless is very similar to Monster Hunter. In it, you play as a Slayer, a group of surviving humans after creatures known as Behemoths were released on Earth. Either alone or with a group of friends, you set out over the desolate landscape to hunt Behemoths, gathering materials to craft weapons and armor along the way. It’s not just another free-to-play game copying the formula of an established franchise, however. Dauntless was developed by a group of designers from Riot Games, BioWare, Blizzard, and Capcom, and that talent shows in the final product. Although Dauntless is totally free, it feels like a full AAA experience, which is all the more impressive on Switch.
Of course, you may choose to pass the time playing a trusted standby, or grinding through your favourite RPG, but if you’re after a wholesome, bite-size game to chew on and digest entirely in a single sitting, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you’ve got no travel plans at all and you just want an amuse-bouche in between sweeping epics. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of smaller experiences on the eShop, and we’re here to help you find the best short games on Switch.
@retro_player_22 The Messenger was among my favorite games last year. It rules a lot…definitely way too long to beat in one sitting though.
We strongly advise against such methods. Most of these sites are untrustworthy, can get your accounts or systems hacked, and even banned forever essentially leaving you with a shiny brick.
Garrett Martin edits Paste’s games and comedy sections. He’s on Twitter @grmartin.
3. Select “Balance” from the menu on the left side of the screen.
The series’ most recent entry, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, was released in January. The next mainline entries, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, will be released in late 2022.
Why should you buy it? Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury gives you a whole host of Mario fun in one bundle. On the one hand you’ve got the re-release of the Wii U platformer Super Mario 3D World, which offers a range of inventive platforming levels that you can play through on your own or with up to three friends. It’s the game that introduced the Cat Mario power-up and it’s wonderfully zany as well as inventive with its worlds. But then you’ve also got the compact new adventure that is Bowser’s Fury. This is more akin to Super Mario Odyssey, and delivers a brand new story to explore and play through as you fight alongside Bowser Jr. to take down Fury Bowser. It takes elements from Super Mario 3D World too, so it’s just as loveable too. This is quite the package. 
If indie games are your thing, you’ll have a similarly great experience with both handhelds. The Switch and Steam Deck have access to some of the best indies of the past decade-plus, including Stardew Valley, Cuphead, Hades, Among Us and Hollow Knight. These games tend to come to Steam first, but both systems have access to lots of the essentials. The Switch and Steam Deck even have a few major third-party games in common, including Minecraft, Doom Eternal, The Witcher 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Diablo III. However, these titles generally don’t run nearly as well on Switch as they do on PC, which brings us to our next point.
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9.80 Superb rating (<1k sales in the last 6 months)
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New Pokemon Snap is here, and if you’re eager to get your centre your shutter on some collectable critters, you’ll be glad to know we expect the price to drop fairly quickly on this one. The spin-off adventure hasn’t fared too well in the eyes of the critics so far, which means we expect it to be featured in plenty of Nintendo Switch game deals in the coming months. 
The Waddle Dees you rescue go to the Waddle Dee Village, which serves as your base. This is also where you can spend the star coins and power stones you collect. Initially, the village is just a few buildings with basic functions, but it grows into a flourishing town with multiple facilities as you rescue more Waddle Dees. One of the first buildings you unlock contains a blacksmith who can upgrade your copy abilities in exchange for power stones. You can find blueprints hidden in the game world that teaches the blacksmith how to enhance your powers. These upgrades add impressive new twists to the standard copy abilities, such as changing the bomb into an enemy-tracking bomb that also connects to other bombs with energy chains.
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Accessibility: Option for the hearing impaired, some buttons can be remapped
Hollow Knight is a tiny epic that jams an extraordinary amount of secrets, challenges, and rewards into its sprawling subterranean kingdom. It’s a little bit Castlevania and a little bit Metroid, with a roomy map and remote regions you can only access after unlocking one of many character upgrades. It’s a little bit Dark Souls, with its forsaken kingdom, tough bosses, shortcut-strewn maps, and threat of losing progress upon death. And it shares platforming DNA with games like Ori and the Blind Forest and Super Meat Boy, all wall-slides and air-dashes. It bakes up those ingredients before frosting on a layer of its own distinct vibe, and those who choose to brave the buried insect realm of Hallownest will be rewarded with one of gaming’s great spelunking expeditions. Surprising, challenging, rewarding, and unexpectedly funny, Hollow Knight is absolutely worth your time, and works particularly well on the Switch.
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Your mileage may vary. Some Indian cards work, not all. While this writer’s ICICI card refused to work on the US Nintendo Switch eShop, a colleague’s card from the same bank worked just fine. In the event yours doesn’t work (or if you simply prefer not giving your credit or debit card details to Nintendo), you can buy store credit via Amazon US, and then use that to buy games. Linking your Indian PayPal account to the US Nintendo eShop works as well. Here’s a list of Nintendo eShop regions where you can use PayPal as payment option.
Nintendo eShop Gift Codes are the ideal present for any individual who wants to play – including you. Browse more than 1,000 new, great and non mainstream games, conveyed legitimately to your Nintendo Switch, Wii U™ or Nintendo 3DS™ group of frameworks.
Publisher: Annapurna Interactive / Developer: Giant Sparrow
The Switch was designed with multiplayer in mind. Outside of first-party Nintendo releases, few games take better advantage of same-system multiplayer than TowerFall. At first glance, TowerFall appears to be a 2D clone of Super Smash Bros. In truth, it’s even more approachable than Nintendo’s brawler. Heroes equipped with arrows engage in minutelong battles to the death, using stomps, dodges, and jump pads to slaughter their competition.
The card is usually available at $10, $20, $35, and $50 price. Adding it to your account is very easy.
Dom is a veteran video games critic and consultant copywriter that has appeared in publications ranging from Daily Star to The Guardian. Passionate about games and the greater good they can achieve, you can usually find Dom listening to records, farting about in the kitchen, or playing Final Fantasy VIII (again).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection Is Up for Preorder
If you consider yourself good at Tetris, this is the multiplayer game for you. Tetris 99 takes the concept of a battle royale and melds it with the classic puzzler, to awesome effect. You play Tetris simultaneously with 98 other people and work to become the last player standing. Every line you clear can be sent to your opponents as junk to mess up their flow, and the better you play, the longer you’ll stay in-game. The best thing? It’s free to play if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. If you thought the PlayStation 4’s Tetris Effect was an interesting riff on the puzzler, wait until you see how crazy things can get with Tetris 99.
Everyone loves a gift card because you can spend it on anything you want. The only downside is trying to figure out how to redeem them, and it’s always frustrating to have to figure it out yourself. We’re here to help. Here is a step-by-step guide on redeeming a Nintendo Switch gift card on a laptop, desktop, phone, or on the Nintendo Switch itself.
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